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We Buy Property Quickly throughout EUROPE on behalf of our registered investors.

We appreciate the stress and the hassle involved in selling your home or property which is increased tenfold when you have property in another country and reasons to sell quickly and unlock much needed cash from your property.

At Speedy Property Buyers.eu we offer tailor-made solutions to suit most circumstances, please click on one of the options on the left which is the most relevant to your situation.

We are a company that is dedicated to helping home owners achieve a stress and hassle free property sale. We can organise a fast property sale to one of our registered associates for any reason, including repossession and financial worries.

Hundreds of properties are bought throughout Europe for cash each year from people who for some reason or other, desperately or urgently need to sell their properties and move on with there lives.

Buying Criteria: Your property needs to be priced at well below the current market value in the area that it is situated in. Each market value submitted will be checked against current sales prices in the locality. Click here to check the comparison of selling cheaper at no cost to you against the alternative of achieving a higher price only to lose a big proportion of it through high charges. Do not forget that the longer it takes to sell, the more the bank will charge you in interest and costs. 

No Charge

Advantages: We will not charge you for marketing your property as we are paid by our associated investors and cash buyers..

In confirmation of our advertising, the purchasing investor will pay your legal fees up to 500€ if you agree to use a specialist nominated solicitor that will be appointed on your behalf. This is usually insisted upon by the investor’s lender, because investor’s loans are by their nature more complicated and quite different from the usual residential sale. It also enables the sale to proceed smoothly and quickly.

If in certain circumstances the investor asks you to appoint your own solicitor, then he will pay up to you 500€ or the equivalent in local currency. This amount is usually sufficient in the vast majority of cases but will vary dependant upon the country the property is located in and other factors such as taxes.  

Apply to enter you property now as it will not cost you anything

Nothing to lose Nothing to pay.



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